Migraines Suck!

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If you have ever had one, then you know they suck. Throbbing pain, head pressure, upset stomach, traumatic distress… generally debilitating.

I had the dubious luck to find the blinding peripheral vision auras first and knew what was coming. I got myself some aspirin first, began drinking water, caffeine, and eating chocolate. Second, I rushed home from work and grabbed my hot flashes salve.

This was my first true experimentation. I did have a friend tell me that it helped her and while her headache was not removed (because frankly, not even modern medicine has that figured out) the symptoms were significantly enhanced.

I knew I had to cool down. I threw my work clothes off, cracked a couple of windows and laid down with my eyes shut, but not too tight as it pulls and leaves my skull want to explode.

The lid slid off and I rubbed it along my temples, and forehead. It was smooth and did not pull, so step one of the experience was complete. I rubbed fairly firmly along my temple and up in my hair and then over my eyebrows.

The relief was not instantaneous, but the combination of aspirin and salve got rid of the throbbing in my temples and behind my eyes. I was happy that it worked…

I applied it a few more times since I liked the experience of massaging my aching skull and my symptoms were gone through the night.

I gulped down some more ibuprofen and packed both cold and hot salves for work.

At work, I felt the pain coming, but I was cold sweating a bit. My hands, Melboune FL Wildlife Removal, feet, and nose felt chilly. Out came the cold migraine salve. I did the identical massage methods and it felt very nice. The scent of this salve was also very nice and relaxing.

If anyone has had a similar experience or needs guidance on which salve is greatest, or simply wants to tell me how much migraines suck… Speak To Me. I wish to hear your own voice. I’m not a doctor, not claim to have a cure… rather only stating what has worked for me.

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